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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Why not start this latest post with one of my favorite Dr. Cox lines of all time...

Dr. Cox: Oh, my God! I just gagged and vomited at the same time. I gavomited.

I have to say, I've been very lucky in terms of morning sickness. I've made it through the entire first trimester without being affected really. But I will say my already sensitive stomach was truly put through the ringer. My stomach would turn at the tiniest thing. So, as I joyfully reach the end of my vomit-free first trimester, I thought I'd share a list of things that nearly pushed me over the edge on several occasions:

1. The Metro (or death train, as I now like to call it)
2. The smell of exhaust
3. My 30 going on 13 complexion. Seriously, I'm 30 and pregnant. Monster zits seem SO wrong. And nauseating :)
4. The god awful images that came and continue to come out of Haiti...*shudder*
5. Poor dental hygiene - it's called floss, folks.
6. The democratic party of Massachusetts...just saying

Phew, nearly lost it a few times there, but I survived! I'm also happy to report that my energy is officially back...YAY :) I heard from so many people that one day it would just magically be back and I'll be damned, you were all right! I missed the Daily Show so much and now I'm back to being up past 9:00 pm so I can watch again (which really helps me laugh off #6 on my list!). If you didn't catch it, do yourself a favor and check out the "magic negro" bit from last week. Comedy GOLD!

On a total sidenote, but related to the title of this post. Is anyone else watching Scrubs: Med School? Now that JD is gone, we've been really enjoying it. Figures that just when they find their groove, it's time to say goodbye. Again. How many times can one show have a series finale? Sheesh.


  1. Love it! You are hilarious... thanks for sharing your bit with us little people. I too am enjoying Scrubs Med School - I have a couple of episodes to catch up on. See you this weekend - Ann

  2. No vomit? Never, not once? Lucky!

  3. Yay for not vomitting anymore! If you actually get morning sickness, it does last like 2 trimesters though. All I could think of during the exhaustion period was how do people do this with a child already? I swear, that's what's making it nearly impossible to think of having another.

    I agree on Scrubs. There is actually a small possibility it could come back if ABC is looking for something between DWTS seasons and because ABC owns Scrubs so it gets a lot of money from syndication and DVD sales. At this point, I'd be ok either way, but the new cast is growing on me, and I like it when I think of it as a totally separate entity.