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Saturday, April 24, 2010

25 weeks!

So suddenly, this isn't a little baby bump anymore! That's a big fat belly :) I swear, I left for Florida with a little bump and overnight it turned into this!

Time really seems to be flying...this picture is a stark reminder that things are moving along! 25 weeks!! crazy.


  1. I was just telling like everyone how you've grown just in the last week since I've seen you! :) Fun times though. Big but not quite waddling. That'll be the next post how you used to be able to get off a sofa without help, how you could walk without your feet pointing out and how you could cross your legs and see your feet. I had such a hard time putting on shoes. I was lucky enough to see my feet the whole time, but I couldn't paint my toenails or do buckles/ties on shoes and didn't trust myself in slip on shoes because they'd slip off and I didn't want to fall. So, I'd have to bend sideways to put everything on (and get pedicures a LOT).

    Can't wait for the next round of posts because that's when all the fun begins.

  2. Ok, this is totally tmi but after reading April's comments I just had to laugh remembering having to take my pants all the way off just to go to the bathroom. Otherwise there just wasn't enough space for the belly. Ah, good times.