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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun in the sun

So we just came back from Florida. It was such a wonderful vacation. We really needed to get away. It was relaxing, but I must say vacationing with a 9 month old is not exactly restful :) That little boy loved the beach and is a total fish in the water. That one swimming lesson before we left really paid off! ha.

Before I left, my boss recommended that we get a baby pool and put it on the beach. Best. Idea. EVER. He spent hours in there every day. Distracted by the water, his toys (which I included a solo cup most days. What baby doesn't love a solo cup) and just completely loving his life.

Clearly sand is delicious to a baby. By day 3 we gave up on trying to keep him from eating it. Scott tried and tried but was not going to win that battle. You know what JJ learned was tastier than sand though? Ice cream.

In case you are wondering, that's lime and chocolate swirl ice cream. The child LOVES lime. He tried to eat a whole lime that he found on the tree outside my parent's place. Silly baby! Um and maybe he ate the lime that came with my margarita. I promise, it was not IN the margarita. But that probably would have given us a good night sleep...

We even got a date night while we were there. It was fantastic. *sigh* It was hard to come back to reality after all that! We're already planning our next trip.

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