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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Help a sister out!

Ok folks, it's about that time. We officially started looking into where to register and what to register for. Now I'm hoping...can any parents out there help me out? What were things you loved or hated? The items you just can't live without or found to be an utter waste of space? Or even suggestions on how not to have my blood pressure go through the roof when standing in Babies R Us surrounded by screaming babies?!? Is that store too much or is it just me? As if the sheer size of the place wasn't overwhelming enough...

I know you have opinions. Frankly, we couldn't be friends if you didn't :) So lay it on me!!!

While you hit me up with ideas...I'll be working on putting together a post on how the nursery is coming along!! Question #1 is does the guard dog get to keep his bed in baby's room? Hmmm...he does look vicious, doesn't he? Will easily scare off any intruders, in my humble opinion.

Yup, this is how he spends his days. Rough life, isn't it? At least we know Baby Sawicki will have a nap time partner :) So I guess the bed stays!!


  1. Marley will most likely be upset that Baby Sawicki keeps waking him up. :)

    We actually never went for the high chair because we thought it was a waste of money to have one and then need a booster. I was big into consolidating as many things as possible.

    Laura seemed to like the vibrating chair over the swing (but you don't know which Baby will like and some have strong feelings one way or the other). She never liked the jumper. Of course, we happen to have them all so we could try them out. So, if you want to pick one, you can try out the one you don't register for because we kept everything. (The play saucer and jumper was Jordan's.) I found the Bumpo seat a waste, but some babies love it and mommies swear by it. I thought it was expensive and Laura's chubby legs wouldn't fit into it. She used it like twice.

    I think a lot of the gadgets are not necessary like the bottle warmer, wipe warmer, etc. The bottle warmer works if you have a small fridge in the nursery or if you have glass bottles and don't want to heat on the stove top, but it didn't work with us because we had good luck with the microwave.

    The video monitor is definitely worth the money. You'll find you'll hardly watch tv because you're so busy watching the baby. OMG, s/he turned over! Look, s/he's breathing! It's AMAZING! :)

    It's really hard to suggest because what I may say, someone else may have a totally different opinion or experience.

    Probably should have a humidifier (though ours broke and we've never used one), heater if the room is cold (we use ours all the time and have gone through 2 already).

  2. We have a vibrating seat, a swing and an exersaucer. I think Chase used the saucer the least of all three. She never really got it. Chase used to sleep in the other two like crazy, Avery not so much though I still use them both. We have a full sized swing but a travel swing would probably be better for our space. Why have a big huge thing when a small one works just as well? Also, get a bouncy seat that's easy for them to bounce and that vibrates too. Ours is so stiff that it's impossible for a baby to bounce it by feet kicking etc.

    Skip the diaper geenie, get the humidifier.

    Remember the bumbo I used to bring it to MW's all the time, Chase loved it. Avery's too skinny. It's really just depends on the baby... and there's no way to know! :)

    Don't skimp on the monitor, video is a big plus. Don't skimp on the stroller system either you use it A LOT. We got a wipe warmer for Avery because she was so small and hated being cold but that only last a couple of weeks and now we don't use it anymore.

    I don't like baby tubs. I have a little seat that goes right in the bath. Baby towels = more laundry and I find them too small. Wash all of your clothes with free and clear so you don't have to do separate loads.

    Gosh, there's so much. I loved the Boppy newborn lounger for the first few weeks. I'd just lay them down in there beside me on the couch in the first weeks.

    Also, I did a lot of my registry on line. They have some different items online that they might not carry in the stores. I think you'll learn to love BRU, I did :) I totally loved the expectant mom parking! Just go section by section and don't worry if you miss stuff veterans will fill in the gaps. Just hit the big ticket items :)

  3. I'm with you about Babies R Us-especially the one on Rt 7. We ended up driving to Woodbridge just to avoid that place! You can always register at two places-Babies R Us for the big items and Target for the more common things. This way people have an option of where to go or where to order from too.
    The vibrating chair was a HUGE hit and we continue to swear by it. What baby wouldn't want a special massage chair made just for him or her? :) Funny thing though...we actually had two and Shea preferred the yellow one over the blue one. It really is hit or miss sometimes.
    We got the diaper champ instead of the diaper genie because the diaper genie requires its' own bags and then you are spending money on special bags when the diaper champ just takes regular garbage bags. Knowing the layout of your place, I recommend getting two. It sounds really lazy but I promise if you have a really gross diaper downstairs you'll want to get rid of it quickly insteaad of walking upstairs to the baby's room with it. That being said, be sure to get a Pack N Play which is great for travel but also great to have set up downstairs as a playpen/mini diaper station.
    I agree with no wipe warmer, bottle warmer, etc. The baby industry is great at making you feel like you'll be the worst parents ever without these things but they really do just sit in the box. I will put in a good word for the jumper even though Shea didn't necessarily love it...I loved putting him in it and clamping it in the frame of the bathroom door so I could take a shower! It's a great way to make sure they just hang out (literarlly!) for a moment so you can get something done.
    The big stroller system is nice when they are teeny tiny because it feels really safe, but it is BIG. It's nice to have a smaller umbrella-type stroller for when baby is a little bigger and you don't feel like dealing with a gigantic stroller.
    Bottom line though...have FUN! Baby gifts are so much fun! Yay for you registering! :)

  4. As you know, I have no children. However, we recently had a baby shower for one of my coworkers and all of the new moms in the office insisted that we give the Skip Hop Pronto - - as a gift. Apparently each of these moms had several of these changing pads - one for the upstairs, downstairs, car, stroller, etc. They loved them because they fold up pretty small and have pockets for wipes and stuff. I guess the changing tables in bathrooms can be dirty so this bad enables you to not have to actually put the baby directly on it.

    I agree with Melinda. Baby gifts are awesome. You should have fun registering. :)