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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Bump!!

Well, it's not a big bump...but a bump nonetheless! I officially got called out at work for starting to show, so I figured it was about time to post a picture here. I am finding it hard not to go crazy thinking I just look fat and spent a good hour last saturday agonizing over what to wear out. I'm certainly glad that maternity choices now include things that are form fitting and we aren't forced into wearing a giant tent during pregnancy (Special thanks to April for the cute dress I'm wearing!). This is just a strange...too big for regular pants (thank god for the belly band!) but too small for maternity clothes. FUN TIMES.

We also scheduled the 20 week sonogram for March 22! 19 days until we find out the sex of baby Sawicki :) Trust me, I'm counting down the days. Scott feels strongly that baby is a girl and I feel strongly baby is a boy. Any thoughts? leave them here and after March 22, we'll see who was right and who was wrong!! How some people wait until they give birth to find out is totally beyond me. Patience is NOT a strong suit for me...

Doc says its probably a bit early to be feeling baby move, but I swear I'm feeling something! I could be crazy, this is entirely possible. But something is going on in there. We know for sure that baby is very active after that last ultrasound...a sign of things to come?!? I wouldn't be surprised. If karma exists, we're definitely bound to have our hands full :) I just can't wait to find out.


  1. Nice! The dress never fit me so I'm glad you got some use out of it.

    I put my bet on boy. I really think it's a boy. However, I also thought we were having a boy so what do I know. :)

    Laura was incredibly active. She also had the hiccups a lot. Baby hiccups are cute out of the womb, totally adorable in the womb. You don't want an active baby while you have the sonogram or we'll never know the gender though! I refuse to use the word "sex" with babies. I always use "gender" instead.

    I'll let my mom she only has 19 more days to go. :)

  2. baby hiccups just sound cute :)

    ohhhhh I'll be mad at baby if he/she doesn't settle down during that sonogram!

  3. Avery had her legs firmly crossed the WHOLE time and her face hidden for every sonogram thereafter but we figured it out. Can't wait!

    You look ADORABLE and SO happy!

  4. yeah i will need anoyther picture though I am leaning toward a boy for now.....but again that is till I see more pics!!

  5. I have to agree with the posts - I vote for boy. I have an inkling that Scott really wants a boy, so he is voting for girl... sort of like a backward self-fulfilling prophecy. Love the picture - can't wait to see you in real life - darn the snow! Yea Spring!