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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Drum roll please...

So, it's official! Baby Sawicki is....


Just kidding. We already knew that! Baby Sawicki is a BOY!!

We have proof! :) It's fairly obvious! Too funny. And makes Scott oh so proud!! hehe.

Waving to Mom and sweet!!!

But not to gloss over the important was healthy, had all the necessary parts (brain, heart, stomach, legs, arms, etc.!). He was measuring right on target. It was such an exciting visit! And trust me, lately, they are not all that exciting.

Also, thought I'd throw in a 20 week bump picture! The ever expanding belly :) At least this weekend I got some clothes that fit (thanks to Katie for the loaners and Ann for the shopping trip!).


  1. Nice! If Rob hadn't replied all, I would have missed the news. Scott's email went to my junk email box. Yay! Plus, you got a haircut. Very nice. My mom was so thrilled, she was screaming into the phone. Then, she asked if you had a name. I informed her that it's only been a couple of hours. You'll have to change your background to blue now!

  2. Oh what a handsome (very) young man... way to go, Scott!

  3. Holy SHit! What the heck is that! (I've been drinking. . .) I can't see. My husband t hinks it's a chicken hawk.