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Friday, February 12, 2010

Pregnancy Brain

It's true. I thought, yet again, this was just a piece of nonsense made up by people. Oh, how mistaken I was. It's setting in and it's just awful!

Here are just a few examples...

1. Getting to the dry cleaner and completely forgetting my own phone number. In my defense, I don't call myself...right?

2. Completely forgetting names. Which I absolutely know. SO frustrating!

3. I put a box in my boss's office and not even 15 minutes later, was determined that I either lost it, threw it out or was having a practical joke played on me.

4. I KNOW there was another example, but guess what...I forget! ARGH!

It's a good thing my job doesn't require me to have a near encyclopedic knowledge of names, dates and policies. Oh wait. It does! Thank god for post it notes :)'m now going to wander from room to room through my apartment and wonder why I'm in each room. Hopefully I'll at least remember to clean while I'm wandering around.

On an unrelated note, is everyone enjoying the olympics?!? I've found myself completely drawn to watching it every night and staying up way past my bedtime. I definitely enjoy the winter olympics more than the summer olympics. Despite the fact that I don't enjoy even the IDEA of any of the sports I watch. I despise the cold (not to mention my complete lack of any athletic ability). So far my favorite moment has been Russian figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko throwing down the masculinity gauntlet to his fellow figure skaters. Dude, you're in a skin tight lycra and have sparkles on your pants. Which, to his credit, is one of the less flamboyant outfits in mens figure skating...but still! I would just like to thank Johnny Weir for making it possible to distinguish between the more and less flamboyant outfits :)


Can't wait for the ladies competition to start next week!!


  1. What's scary is I don't feel like pregnancy brain ever goes away. It's like certain things go and never come back. Then again, newborn and toddler brain pretty much take care of the rest of the brain cells.

    As for the Olympics, I try not to watch. Rob's been watching every night and I've read almost 10 books this month. I read a book every two days and have been going to bed like 2 hours earlier now that TV is all repeats. I'll peek up and see the hockey score or curling or men's figure skating (didn't I say Rob watches everything in the Winter Olympics). I really only like watching the biathalon and the cross country combined which is exhausting.

  2. It never goes away it just morphs into mommy brain. Welcome!

  3. Oh, wait, just wait until you cry at everything and then you forget why you're crying. That's a fun stage.