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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby Shower!!

I'm so behind in getting this post up. We got a new camera (YAY) and its taken me 2 weeks to load the software onto our computer so I could pull the pictures off. I must say, I am LOVING this camera. It's so much nicer! I am really looking forward to taking sweet baby pictures now :)

So, returning to the whole point of this post, I had my first baby shower a little over a week ago. My truly wonderful and thoughtful boss, Wendy, hosted a beautiful shower for me at work. All the C&W ladies...cupcakes...fruit salad...and LOTS of cute baby clothes! I can't resist posting pics of just a few of the items I received...

Are those just fantastic?!?

JJ will totally be a momma's boy :)

Ok...and just one more. Of the cute feeties!! Some of these aren't from the shower, but does it get cuter than all these feeties?

I also got hooked up with a ton of baby gear. I mean seriously hooked up. I have the best coworkers! If I thought anyone wanted to see a picture of my stroller, I would put one up. Because you know I have one. Granted, I have pictures of just about everything in my apartment right now because I have a new toy that is just crying out to be played with! Who doesn't need 30 different pictures of my dog and my big belly? :)

I'm officially in my third trimester now. How crazy is that? I can't even be in denial anymore. I've reached the point where there is no longer room for the baby AND all of my major organs to be sharing my body with any level of comfort. OWWWWWWW. Less than 3 months and we'll finally get to meet the little guy who spends all night kicking me and pushing on my ribs! I really can not wait!


  1. PS That Beatles onesie with the apple is pretty freakin fantastic.

  2. Crazy is right! And, uh YES we DO want to see pictures of all of the above. Get crackin'!

  3. Cute stuff, Erin! Looking forward to meeting JJ in a few months!!!