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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh no he didn't...

So I'm not sure if this story should be filed under "I should give him the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure he meant this in a nice way" or under "men are IDIOTS". I'll let you be the judge :)

I'm leaving work last week. It had been a VERY long day and I was specifically told to go home at 4:00 because I "looked tired". (sidenote, I know I'm being totally hormonal, but that alone took all the wind out of my sails. ugh. I'm working so hard, please don't call me out for being tired!) So I figure, who am I to say no and I take off. On my way out of the building, I run into a broker I work with. He stops me and asks how far along I am? I tell him 28 weeks. He says, no joke..."oh, you're BIG". He then asks, is this my first? I say yes. He repeats himself! "oh, you're definitely big". Oh, no you didn't just call a pregnant woman BIG! are you NUTS? A) yes, i'm "big", i'm pregnant, you jerk! and B) frankly, I would expect this from someone who say, didn't have a whole litter of kids at home. But he does! It took every shred of self control not to hit him. It really did. It truly amazes me the things people will say. I had another male coworker say "oh, no cankles yet!". Ugh, shoot me.

So, anyways, I figured this was a good time for another belly picture! This is 29 weeks along. See, how BIG I am? :) Of course, because that made me totally paranoid, my first question at the doctor the next day was "am i big?". So glad to say the answer was no! hehe.

I'm working up to a few other posts this week, I've been slacking pretty bad. I'm still trying to compose my thoughts on the Lost finale. We've also been cooking up a storm lately - doing a sort of cook through the freezer theme. So I have some delicious recipes to share! But first, thank you cards must be finished. Then I can get back to the fun stuff!


  1. Well, I won't say you're big, but you're bigger than when I saw you last. :) It's not just a male thing. People say the craziest things when you're pregnant. You do get smaller sort of at the end at least. When the baby drops in the last month, your waist gets a little smaller. It's an illusion, but it makes you feel a little smaller because everything shifts and it's like a breath (literally) of fresh air.

  2. ok screw him....why are people so ridiculously dumb!!! You are not big!

  3. you are not big...why are people so rude???

  4. Hey Erin... I just showed Steve this photo and he said, "Yeah, she's really big!" LOLLOLOLOLOLOL! Enjoy it!

  5. a sincere thanks to lisa...and a sarcastic thanks to this Steve character! hehe, j/k. but, hey...who is Steve?!? :)

  6. If it makes you feel better, people asked if I was having twins all the time when I was pregnant with Shea. When I would say no, they would give me this look of pity. The worst was this obnoxious waitress at Mango Mike's. (Is that place still open btw?) I agree with April-people are just idiots. You look great and you need to enjoy this time and not worry about dumb people.