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Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby shower!

I bet you thought I'd never do this post! I was starting to think that too :) But here it is. yay!

It seems like my shower was ages ago! I mean, it was a quite a while ago, but so much has happened since then it seems even longer (and um, have I done my thank you cards? No. No, I haven't. Argh! Stop judging me! The cards are staring at me right now...). But it was such a wonderful day and such a wonderful weekend, it really deserves a blog entry.

First, let me say. It was HOT that weekend. Of course, since I had so many friends and family coming into town it had to be completely unbearable to be in DC. You really have to love DC in the summer :) But that's been the story of this entire summer. My mom, brother, sister in law, best friend and her fiance all came to stay with us and it was quite the full house! But the more the merrier. We had such a great weekend and ate like royalty. That's just how we do it around here!

(sidenote, if you have a crowd for breakfast and really want to MUST try this!

Saturday was the baby shower and it was just wonderful! So many people came into town. It was so much fun to see everyone and I'm so thankful people took the time out of their busy schedules to celebrate with me. My mother in law and sister in law (ok, brother in law's wife, but we just stick with sister in law, right april?!? hehe) put together the cutest shower. I loved it! It had a beatles theme, just like the nursery. You can see the diaper cake in the picture above and below is the close up of the favor. Is that just the cutest damn thing? I love it! We had Beatles trivia and I got some great Beatles themed presents! I'm assuming most babies aren't rolling around with a Bealtes diaper bag, but JJ is :) BTW those great little Beatles pins on the diaper cake will make a reappearance in the nursery. If/when I ever get that blog post up, you'll see how I worked those into the nursery too!

I got oodles and oodles of cute baby clothes and a ton of gear. We were officially ready for baby after the shower. Which is a good thing since he came 2 weeks later!

Last thing is a quick shot of me with my mom (aka, Granny Franny). It's so funny to see pictures of when I was pregnant now that I'm not. Damn, I was BIG! I didn't think I was that big...but wow. I'm so glad I took lots of belly pictures during the pregnancy or I'd never remember exactly how big I got :)

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