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Monday, October 18, 2010

Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool

How chill is this baby? :)

Or should I say, how chill is this 3 month old baby?? 3 MONTHS! When did this happen?

JJ is so alert now. Chatting up a storm, smiling, watching us very closely (gotta watch that PDA now! hehe). Best part though...he's sleeping at night. For many hours at a time. One night, it just started. 3 hours one night and then the next night...6 hours! He's gone as long as 9 hours. All of which means, I'm sleeping! Woo hoo. It's one of my favorite things to do. No seriously, it is. If my mattress wasn't approximately 150 years old, I bet I'd like it even more.

My time at home is winding down. Sniffle. I'm lucky enough that I work in DC and FMLA is 16 weeks instead of 12. I had initially planned on being back to work after 12-14 weeks and well, that all changed the moment this little boy entered my life. It's been tough, but I think taking all 16 weeks was absolutely the right thing to do. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Well, onward and upward! Let's see what month 4 has to offer. I know one thing, at least...JJ will have a new baby cousin to meet!! Any day now. Sooner than later we hope :)


  1. I've been thinking of Joyce and Kyle recently. Waiting to hear news. I don't think I could do 4 months home. I took 2 months and think I would have done 3 tops if I got paid, but it was so hard coming back and getting back in the swing of things. I definitely couldn't spend all my time home. I truly don't think I was meant to be a SAHM full-time.

    3 months? How DID that happen? At least there is some time between cousins and maybe James can benefit from some hand-me-downs now. Rob is still bragging he got to see him last.

    He looks like a little person now! :) If I ever get my act together, we have some toys if you want. Otherwise, I'm donating them. Let me know. I didn't want to overwhelm you while you moved, but I'll keep them until after you move if you want. Otherwise, I'm aiming to pack up before Laura's party.

  2. Oh my goodness, Erin, that baby of yours is soooooo cute!! He is adorable, poops or no poops. . . but I'm glad you have to be the one to sniff and clean the little prince!!!! Can't wait to meet cousin, James. If he ends up having blue eyes like Kyle.... omg. Little Tierneys, all over the place, all at once! Although JJ is definitely lookin' like Dad!

  3. Toys! We could go for some toys...definitely after we move, that works for you? I'm not sure even after that how much we'll have room for...claustraphobia is a concern of mine :) But he's definitely liking to interact with things more now, so some toys could be good!

    I've so loved these 4 months! I didn't quite expect it. I think it's helped that I've been easing back into work. I'm in once a week and doing a few hours a day from home. I'm really hoping that I can have some flexibility to my schedule when I get back. Fingers crossed. If I'm going to be up early with JJ, I'm hoping I can go in early and leave early(ish) too. We shall see...