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Monday, February 28, 2011

So close...

Yet so far away.

(Please say I'm not the only one singing Hall & Oates now...I'm looking at you Stephanie! Help me out here!)

This is quite an interesting time for a baby. JJ is right on the edge of a few milestones! It's very exciting. As you all saw earlier this month, he's very close to figuring out the crawling thing. He's also working on feeding himself. Just two weeks ago he had zero interest in these he loves them! He realized that...hey! These taste good! And if I pick it up with my fingers, I can put them in my mouth. Occasionally. His average isn't all that good, but I'm sure Marley is loving that :)

This video just cracked me up because he was working so hard and got that puff in there. Only to have it come right back out! Better luck next time baby!

Oh and can we all just agree to watch my videos on mute? God, I sound so silly in them.


  1. Personally, I think the sound really adds to it! So cute... Glad J.j. is feeling better.