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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lift off!

Ok, folks...we have a crawler! An honest to god crawler. First there was the rocking (humping?) motion. Then it was almost a marine crawl...a dragging of the legs type thing. Now, a real crawl! JJ is on the, watch out world!

As the end of the video demonstrates, child proofing has become a new priority. He can find everything. Especially wires that he can choke himself with. That seems to be a speciality. I swear those wires didn't even exist a month ago, now they are everywhere! *sigh*

So what else is going on. Hmmmm. I've been meaning to post for ages. I'm like a broken record on that, right? If only I could stop this break neck pace at work which results in me coming home so spent. I have energy to be with my little man for a few hours and that's about it. Oh and laundry. I swear, it's my new hobby. Can one baby really create this much laundry? I dream about getting a professional launderer one day. Launderer? You know what I mean...

I promise to do a St. Patrick's day post. PROMISE! I have my corned beef brining right now, so we're doing it up all homemade style this year! CAN NOT WAIT! Plus, JJ has not one, but two outfits. So necessary.

I'm going to de-wire my apartment now! Look for an update on Thursday :)


  1. YAY! What are you doing this weekend? I want to try to fit in some time to see the new trick.

    Laura was good and never got into wires or plugs. She liked buttons though. The poor DVD/satellite/DVR. She'd be recording things all the time (mostly Luxury Planes).

  2. Awww! Amazing! Haha, I told you about the mystery shows on the dvr. Babies are so sneaky!