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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The good life

It's a school weekend for JJ and I went out on the town today.  We met up with the lovely ladies of book club (including his auntie April!) and he was on his best behavior.  PHEW.  Lunch out is a real crap shoot.  He usually naps around lunch...but he woke up at 9:30, so nap time got delayed today.

YES - I SAID 9:30.

I bet you were wondering how I suddenly learned to write in complete sentences.  Amazing things happen when you get to sleep in.

Since we were in MD, we stopped at the Kielbasa Factory.  What do they sell there you ask?  Kielbasa!  Shocking.  But really delicious, homemade, served to you by an old polish lady kielbasa.

Do you know what happens when you are a little boy and say MMMMMMM to every sample of kielbasa they give you?  You walk out with a lollipop.  This boy loves his lollipops. 

Now, there is an unspoken rule with this blog.  You must ignore the background of any and all pictures I take.  Lets all pretend like you can't see shoes, toys, laundry and other assorted items strewn all around like some sort of tornado hit my apartment.  Just focus on the super duper cute little boy, ok?

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  1. A beautiful imported lollipop nonetheless! My girls are getting some for valentine's day. Oh and, um, that "mess" is SO nothing :)