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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day came early

Valentine's Day is a Tuesday.  How dull.  You know what I do on Tuesdays?  Dinner, bathtime, bed.  Not a lot of room for romance in that action packed schedule.  It was also a school weekend for Scott and I usually try and make something special for him on those weekends because after 3 straight days of school, he's earned it.  This weekend, I decided that something special would be dessert.  Dessert that would include dark chocolate.  Scott is a total chocoholic.  The darker the better too. 

I came across this recipe online last week and was seriously intrigued...

Goat cheese and raspberry swirl?  hmmmm.  It would either be amazing or awful.  Lately, Scott and I are both obsessed with all things goat cheese.  Goat cheese in mashed potatoes?  Yes, please.  Goat cheese mixed with spinach and served on top of a poached egg?  YUM.  But goat cheese in a brownie?  I was skeptical but thought what the heck!

Ohhhh, they're good.  So very good.  Not overly sweet and the tangy goat cheese mixed with the raspberries?  Definitely amazing. 

Try them. Now. They're even pink - so sweet for an early Valentine's day treat!

I also thought I would make a big pot of Italian Wedding soup for dinner this week.  I made this recipe last winter and got rave reviews.  Plus, Italian Wedding soup sounds romantic, right?  Not that soup is at all romantic, but it sounds good :)

On the less dull side of Valentine's Day - we do actually have plans!  Just not for the actual day of.  I found tickets for Brit Floyd - a fantastic Pink Floyd cover band from England.  We saw them on PBS recently and the show was really good.  They'll be in Baltimore in March - so we're taking the day off and heading up for the show (it's a Monday, of course).  Dinner in the inner harbor and a fun concert.  Not bad! 

We recently came to the realization that if we don't prioritize alone time - we'll never get it.  It's hard with a little guy at home and it's certainly not going to get any easier.  So we've sort of challenged ourselves to find fun, affordable date nights.  Considering how few and far between they are, I thought dropping some money on concert tickets still fell into the affordable category. 

Do you have any ideas for fun, affordable date nights?  Something other than just going out to dinner and coming home to crash in bed with a full bellly??  (do you watch The Middle?  They nailed the post dinner romance concept...) I'd love to hear some ideas!  Help a sister out!


  1. We don't do a lot of dates outside of the house. We wait to eat dinner together so we have that time to decompress. On Valentine's Day, we're planning a dinner and Cougar Town. We're also lame and really dissect and discuss certain TV shows.

    Lately, however, not a lot of alone time because of my new obsession. I'm almost done though. :)

  2. So is there like a First Friday or anything like that in Old Town? There's one here and it's fun to go for the free food and music and to do a little shopping.